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A cloud of sadness holds you today. Your heart is heavy, your body is lethargic. You are finding it hard to navigate the day. Its like been in a bubble with a one-way window. You see what’s going on around you They don’t really see you.   They don’t see the raw pain, the wince,… Read More Loss

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Down & Out!

It has been a week of dragging my ass around ignoring the fact that I am actually sick with a dose of the Flu. Yes I have ‘WOMAN FLU’ Constant chills, heating on heating off. Cardigan on cardigan off. Putting blanket over twenty layers of clothes. To standing outside the back garden trying to cool… Read More Down & Out!

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I pulled up outside the grey building, my stomach sick with anxiety. I’m really not sure if I can handle the waiting around. Yet as usual I am to early, so I sit and wait and watch. The long wait only making my anxiety multiply. I laugh to myself at how silly it is to feel… Read More Waiting